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Kevin (Kambiz), is the proprietor and Pharmacist-In-Charge of Magnolia Pharmacy. He was born in Tehran Iran. He graduated from Tehran University of Medical Science with a Doctorate’s Degree in Pharmacy in 2006. He’s contributed to medical research in the discipline of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics. His work and that of his collogues can be seen in Science Direct, the world’s leading source of scientific, technical, and medical research. Kevin moved to California in 2012, and has been practicing as a California registered pharmacist since 2015. With a special interest in retail/community setting and individualized patient care; Kevin started his own business at Magnolia Pharmacy in the city of Burbank. Being a certified pharmacist in diabetes care, immunization, sterile, and non-sterile compounding, has made him able to offer comprehensive quality service to the community. He served as a compounding pharmacist, hospice specialty pharmacist, along with collaborating with well-known pharmaceutical companies such as MSD, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals for over 10 years. With his experience and knowledge in pharmaceutics, psychiatric pharmacy, pain management, and working with mental health patients, he has learned an abundance about dedication and compassion. He is an adamant believer that quality care always makes a lasting difference. Outside of pharmacy Kevin spends his leisure time playing tennis, he’s been playing tennis since his formative years. He also enjoys other forms of physical fitness.

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