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Sahar, was born in Lebanon, there she received her doctorate degree of pharmacy at the Arab Beirut University, one of the top universities in the Arab Region. During her career as a pharmacist in Lebanon she provided quality guidance and attention. She functioned as a liaison for providers and patients, ensuring proper medication usage, disclosing potential side effects, and drug interactions. She relocated to Los Angeles CA to obtain the credentials to practice in the United States. Currently, she is a pharmacist intern at Magnolia Pharmacy; where she demonstrates excellent communication skills, effective multitasking, team player mentality, and organizational skills. Sahar is knowledgeable in local, state, and federal regulations affecting dispensing of medication. Sahar is adept at providing high quality customer service, addressing concerns, and resolving conflicts. As a mother, she brings empathy and understanding into her professional career. Her devotion to family transcends into the care she provides the families she serves in her community. 

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